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What is Web3Auth?

Web3Auth is a pluggable auth suite for Web3 wallets and applications. It onboards both mainstream and crypto native users under a minute by providing experiences that they're most comfortable with. With support for all social logins, web & mobile native platforms, wallets and other key management methods, Web3Auth results in a standard cryptographic key provider specific to the user and application. To experience it for yourself check out some examples or our dashboard itself.

### With Web3Auth, wallets & applications get...

Onboarding under a minute, for both mainstream and web3

Enable your application to provide familiar experiences to all users, boosting conversion rates by as much as 54%.

  • Mainstream Social Account Logins, & Passwordless flows - Users can register via Google, Twitter, Github, email verification, and countless more.
  • Holistic Web3 Wallet/Key Management Support: Empower users to use their wallet or key management of choice

Reduce loss & support tickets, provide an alternative to recovery/seed phrases

Understanding and storing seed phrases take new users take anywhere from 10-15 minutes before any meaningful interaction with an app/wallet. Moreso quantifiably losses are rapmant in the crypto space with the incumbant standard of seed phrases. Provide an alternative, with Web3Auth's social logins that leverage on existing accounts and user devices to secure their key.

An easy or custom integration

  • Web and native mobile: Web3Auth works both on web as well as mobile out of the box
  • Whitelabel: customize Web3Auth's UI such that it blends directly into your application
  • Using your existing auth/userbase: Plug in to your existing userbase or auth. Zero migration necessary.
  • Non-custodial PKI: with user flows that the mainstream user is familiar with
  • Integrable in 5 minutes: That’s it!


How are social logins non-custodial? See How keys are managed?