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Most users do not want to be bothered with private keys and mnemonics. Web3Auth abstracts all these complexity behind a smooth Web 2.0 experience, allowing users to dive straight into the action

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Web3 games that feels like Web2

We onboard users via the Sequence Wallet. Its social logins are powered by the Torus Network. There's no better way to plug in social auth into Web3 on a wallet - Peter Kieltyka, Co-founder.

For the best NFT onboarding

Web3Auth is the easiest way for non-tech savvy users to onboard into a wallet, making it a great fit for the NFT ecosystem. It reduces friction, and increases conversion - Luis Gonzalez, Kukai/Tezos Commons

Seamless onboarding that scales

Keplr has been using Web3Auth for one-step registration and logins straight into their Cosmos Extension Wallet. We are thrilled with their success and helping them build the easiest and secure wallet on the Cosmos Blockchain.

Web3Auth pave the way for crypto’s future

See how Binance Extension Wallet removes seed phrases. Web3Auth has allowed Binance Smart Chain users to seamlessly create and manage their extension wallets with their Social Accounts.

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Seamless onboarding that scales

Web3Auth - 2021 has been a challenging year full of opportunities for us. We're thrilled with the growth we've experienced, the partnerships we've forged, and the friends we've made. 2022 is going to be our best year yet! Sequoia- Cryptos worth more than GDPs of nations are lost due to inefficient Private Key Management. Send in your wishes to these guys who want to make Cryptos accessible even to your Grandma!