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How to Integrate CustomAuth and Android logins


This tutorial will guide you on how to integrate CustomAuth customauth-android-sdk with native android logins, i.e., "Sign in with google"


Android API version 24 or newer is required.


Add CustomAuth to Gradle

In your project-level build.gradle file, add JitPack repository:

allprojects {
repositories {
// ...
maven { url "" }

Then, in your app-level build.gradle dependencies section, add the following:

dependencies {
// ...
implementation 'org.torusresearch:customauth-android-sdk:2.1.0'

Register redirect URI for your application

Register the startup activity using manifest placeholder in your build.gradle (when a custom scheme is used):

android.defaultConfig.manifestPlaceholders = [
'torusRedirectScheme': 'YOUR_APP_SCHEME', // (torusapp)
'torusRedirectHost': 'YOUR_APP_HOST', // (org.torusresearch.torusdirectandroid)
'torusRedirectPathPrefix': 'YOUR_REDIRECT_PATH' // (/redirect)


Open your app's AndroidManifest.xml file and add the following permission:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />

Instantiate the SDK

Instantiate the SDK with the redirect URI you configured in the previous step:

DirectSdkArgs args = new DirectSdkArgs("YOUR_APP_SCHEME://YOUR_APP_HOST/YOUR_REDIRECT_PATH", TorusNetwork.TESTNET);
TorusDirectSdk torus = new TorusDirectSdk(args, this);

Trigger user login

Trigger user login with your specific provider client ID.

CompletableFuture<TorusLoginResponse> response = this.torusSdk.triggerLogin(
new SubVerifierDetails("google", "YOUR VERIFIER ID", "YOUR GOOGLE CLIENT ID"));


No Proguard configuration is required. SDK will automatically append necessary rules to the project's proguard-rules.txt file.